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Re: Yet more HTTP Basic Authentication woes

From: <linda_fu@peoplesoft.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 11:47:33 -0800
To: eddie@topic.com.au
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I have the same problem. The return status is -1.

Though I have my own promptUsernameAndPassword which can disable the prompt
so that it will just
return error (but not hang forever) when a webserver asks for user name and
password. But it somehow
returns -1 but not -401. I am not sure it is because I disable the prompt.


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Slowly making progress...

Things work okay now, except:

If I have no username and password for a page, my termiateRequest()
is called with a status of -1, not -401. This is wrong wrong wrong.

I'm getting lost going round and round the event loop in a debugger, and I
can't quite follow it. Suggestions anyone? Please?
I really need this working...
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