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Winsock gethostbyname() problem in NT4

From: Steinar Bang <sb@metis.no>
Date: 15 Sep 1999 13:47:26 +0200
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <wh671c4cs1.fsf@viffer.oslo.metis.no>
Platform: libwww CVS checkout, NT4, MSVC6

I have a small test program for libwww and Qt available from

The program works fine for linux.  The tmake-based Win32 makefile in
the example program will probably not work for anyone else except me
right now, but I give the URL if anyone would like to look at the

When I press the "Fetch" button of the API, I find the following
messages about gethostbyname() in the trace:
HTHost 0043EA30 going to state TCP_CHANNEL.
HTHost 0043EA30 going to state TCP_DNS.
Error....... Add  73    Severity: 1     Parameter: `WinSock reported error=10093'       Where: `gethostbyname'
HTDoConnect. Can't locate `abel.metis.no'
Error....... Add  51    Severity: 1     Parameter: `abel.metis.no'      Where: `HTDoConnect'
HTHost 0043EA30 going to state TCP_ERROR.
HTHost 0043EA30 going to state TCP_BEGIN.

So gethostbyname() for some reason doesn't work for me on NT4.  All
hints and tips as to why this is, are appreciated.


- Steinar
Received on Wednesday, 15 September 1999 07:47:35 UTC

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