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running the LIBWWW

From: henni <henni@diefirma.de>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 15:00:20 +0200
Message-ID: <37BD5164.97F279B2@diefirma.de>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Hey everybody!

I am still trying to run the Library, but I just don't understand, how
this works!
I don't understand, how to use the RegisterCallbacks to be allowed to
use the Library.
I just trying to give the Library a simple C-String, nothing else and I
want to use the HTML Parser to parse it like in the Examples but without
an URL.
Does anybody know, if what kind of request I have to give to the
How does the Callback register look like?
Why does my Compiler say
    invalid use of undefined type 'struct _HTStream'
    /usr/local/include/w3c-libwww/HTStream.h:70: forward declaration of
'struct _HTStream'
all the time, even though I declarated  the HTStream and I created one
with HTMLPresent!

Thansk for any help I can get!!!!!!!!!!
Received on Friday, 20 August 1999 09:09:53 UTC

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