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<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT= xxx > how to manage ?

From: Tobias Fischer <tobi@ibs.debis.de>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:42:14 +0200
To: <www-lib@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000001bee977$1cf80970$614aa2c2@develop10.Iibs.debis.de>
Hi all

How can i realize a redirect-tag like <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="7;
nnnn"> using the www-lib ?

At the moment I  parsing the first HTML-Tags from the page then I extract
the URL from the META-tag and restart the whole parser.

I restart the parser in the parser in the following way:

1. Initialise the Parser
2. reqister the callfunctions
3. begin to parse the Page

4.1 if <META E... found
4.2 calling	HTRequest_delete(request); // lib-internal cleanup with this
    		HTProfile_delete(); // terminate libwww
4.3. goto 1 with new url.

5. preceed normaly
6. finish

it worked great.... several times, but sometimes i get an segmentation fault
or the terminate_handle hangs.

my question :

Is this the right way or is there an better solution ? ( somthing like
restart_with_new_url( URL ) )
Can I restart by this simply way the parser ?

muchos gracias for any answer.

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