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Memory leaks / crashes after running sample programs.

From: Amit Shirodkar <amit@Elock.Com>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:01:20 -0500
Message-ID: <001601becc7f$c8dd1ec0$512068c0@Zebra81.Frontiertech.com>
To: <www-lib@w3.org>
I downloaded the installation and the source code for the W3 library. I ran sample programs, particularly "showtags.exe". It worked fine. However, when I used the same code in my sample MFC application, it gave me memory leaks / crashes( release version ). I ran my MFC program through BoundsChecker, a  utililty that checks for memory leaks, API failures, etc. and gives error reporting. It reported the following memory leaks :
1.      2396 bytes allocated by calloc in HTMemory.c( line 88 ), HANDLE : 0x03100A2C - the code is that of PUBLIC void * HTMemory_calloc (size_t nobj, size_t size).
2.  3196 bytes allocated by GlobalAlloc in MSWSOCK.DLL!00001493, HANDLE:0x00600134. The code is a call to HTEventInit()in HTProfile_newHTMLNoCacheClient().
3.  164 bytes allocated by GlobalAlloc in RNR20.DLL!00004C64, HANDLE:0x00602420. The code is 
status = HTGetHostByName(host, hostname, request); in
PUBLIC int HTParseInet (... )
4.   8 bytes allocated by calloc in HTMemory.c( line 88 ), HANDLE:0x03211820. The code is again inside HTMemory_calloc 
5.   4 bytes allocated by malloc in HTMemory.c( line 68 ), HANDLE:0x03211E20. The code is inside HTMemory_malloc.
6.   Resource leak allocated by LoadLibraryA in RNR20.DLL!0000775C, HANDLE:0X78860000 - no source file specified.
7.    Resource leak allocated by LoadLibraryA in RNR20.DLL!00007E05, HANDLE:0X70100000 . The code is 
status = HTGetHostByName(host, hostname, request); function 
HTParseInet ()in the file HTInet.c
8. Resource leak allocated by socket in HTTCP.C( line 97 ), HANDLE:0X000000E4 . The call is the #else part of
#ifdef DECNET

if ((sockfd=socket(AF_DECnet, SOCK_STREAM, 0))==INVSOC)




in the function PRIVATE int _makeSocket(..);

The *same* errors / leaks are coming in the "showtags.exe" program - both debug and release versions( I have the source code too ).  I checked out the repository, but my sources appear to be the latest.
Can anyone kindly tell me what is the problem ? Is there a fix  / workaround for this ?

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