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Re:Top three problems with libwww

From: Krishna Vedati <krishnav@valicert.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 14:58:20 -0500 (EST)
To: frystyk@w3.org
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <13950.41288.89296.303710@atlantic>

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (on Mon, Dec 21/1998) writes:
  :Now when several of you are getting into libwww it would be nice if we
  :can capture the places that you find are the most difficult to
  :understand/use. I have a hard time figuring this out myself - your help
  :would be much better.
  :For example, are the profiles ok? Where and how can the documentation be
  :improved - or is it better with more sample apps? The eventloop seems to
  :cause problems - how can it be explained better?
  :Now, there are 798 people who have checked out the code - and if ust a
  :few of you are willing to help improve the tough spots then we can quite
  :realistically improve it in a fast an efficient manner.

Here is my $0.02:

	One of the fundamental things I've found with libwww is that it has
	a big learning curve, you pretty much have to look @ the source code to
	figure out most of the things. 

	I would like to see some documentation developed so that a user can
	down load pre-compiled binaries and docs and starts integrating the lib
	into applications without looking @ the source code.

	1.  We start a tutorial explaining all the features of libwww (Host,
	    request, response, anchor, net and stream objects) using simple
	2.  Event model is great but not intuitive: 
		I've seen quite a few posts on this list about event-loop. Again 
		unless one looks @ the source it seems hard to find out how
		event-loop work?
		How do you integrate libwww event model say with X event model
		or Tk's event model?

	3. Well multi-threading libwww (well I am to be blamed for this); I've
	   done this for my old company but never gave the code back to libwww,
	   but one of these days I will. 

	4. May be we can give a good tcl interface to libwww so that we can
	   generate  simple applications using scripts. I know Tcl interface to
	   libwww exists but there is no documentation about it. 

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