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Re: libwww-config script committed to CVS

From: Soeren Sandmann <sandmann@daimi.au.dk>
Date: 05 Dec 1998 21:49:50 +0100
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <ye867bqfh5d.fsf@humulus.daimi.au.dk>
Henrik Frystyk Nielsen writes:

> Thanks to Soren Sandmann, we now have a libwww-config script that
> can help you compile and link applications using libwww. In order to

There is a small error: The file libwww-config.in must end in a
newline. Otherwise it fails on at least SGI's.

Søren Sandmann
Received on Saturday, 5 December 1998 15:49:52 UTC

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