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Posting Data from callback function

From: jacques cerba <jacques.cerba@grenoble.sema.fr>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 10:43:09 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <19981112154135.28480.qmail@findmail.com>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Cc: jacques.cerba@grenoble.sema.fr
With w3c-libwww-5.2.1, when using POST, posting of data occurs only at expiration of timeout in select of the event loop.

Setting WWWTRACE = SHOW_THREAD_TRACE in Library/Examples/postform.c we get:

Event Loop.. calling select: maxfds is 3
Event Loop.. select returns 0
Timer....... Dispatch timer 0x806a520
Posting Data from callback function
Writing 1Kbytes

When queuing a lot of POST requests, the same delay ( ~ 1 sec ) occurs for each request.

I am trying to write a client who send en lot of POST requests ( ~ 50/sec ), so can i force the posting of data ?
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