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Please help writing small sample apps

From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <frystyk@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 19:06:15 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: www-lib@w3.org

Often the micro sample apps are of great help for new comers to get boot
strapped. It would be nice if we could gather these sample apps and
describe them better than currently is the case.

The bigger sample apps like the robot, the command line tool, and the Web
Commander are often too big to show individual features.

Could I get somebody (or a small group) of people to volunteer gathering
sample apps written by people on this list and to stick them into the
Examples folder with a small description of what they do and a pointer to
the relevant parts in the libwww documentation?

Who would like to help doing this?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
World Wide Web Consortium
Received on Monday, 3 August 1998 19:05:53 UTC

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