Yves Lafon wrote:
On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Clóvis Wichoski wrote:

Hi, Yves, thanks for reply, I really wanted this, ;)

ok, This is to be used just as a connector to /servlet, and, I tested all
things with Jigsaw and for me the MirrorFrame works fine, but I have some
doubts, that I explain follow:

Ok, if you can copy the static content on the server that's even better.
No need for virtual hosts (unless you want to serve different content, of
In docs_space, remove /servlet and replace it by a FramedResource. Attach
the MirrorFrame on it, edit "mirror" and put
http://<servlet-server>/servlet/ and check "partial" (as you don't mirror
from the server root.

If you use a Virtual host, do the same, but like this:
               |------ /servlet
But and for *.jsp or pages don't found in local directory? any tip?