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Jigsaw problems (?) in NT

From: Jon Bedworth <jon.bedworth@sentineluk.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 16:29:59 +0000
Message-ID: <386A3707.6E19BCA5@sentineluk.com>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org

Please can anyone help? I have been running Jigsaw locally on my
machine, testing applets and servlets - no problem there. However, I
have installed Jigsaw on out NT4 based server (previously 2.0.3 and now
2.1.0). I have been trying and trying to get Jigsaw to recognise my
servlet, one which is exactly the same as that on my local machine. 

I do not think it is a code error because I get all sorts of odd errors,
including a window which comes up and says: 'Remote Access Error' (and
containing no message) when I try to add the servlet manually. Other
times JigAdmin just freezes when I try to access the relevant servlet
directory. Other times it seems to lose contact with Jigsaw and reports
this (while the Jigsaw console scrolls loads of errors).

Is this simply my ignorance, a coding error or problems with NT and
Jigsaw. Two other things make me wonder if its NT:

1. I have also noticed that when I close Jigsaw in NT I get a whole load
of errors scrolling down the Console window. Finally an NT error message
comes up informing me that 'This Windows application cannot respond to
the end task request', and allowing me to cut short this endless
scrolling. This happens regardless of whether I have tried to do
anything with servlets or not.
2. When I load JigAdmin I sometimes get a load of errors in the Jigsaw
console when I start it up.

None of this happens on my local machine.

Please ... I am tearing my hair out over this one!


Sentinel UK
Received on Wednesday, 29 December 1999 12:03:18 UTC

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