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Re: can Jigadmin access admin server remotely?

From: Christopher William Turner <cwturner@cycom.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 05:09:24 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <373A9552.7EC27CDA@cycom.co.uk>
To: rob sanders <rsanders@draper.com>
CC: "www-jigsaw@w3.org" <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
I use remote admin ok. I run admin on my windows PC using java 2
The server is on linux java .1.1.7

The "root" parameter to jigadm refers to you local (windows) configuration.

onlyt he http url refers to the remote server. I guess "jigadmin" works

The remote server knows where its config files are because it was specified

when the remote server started up. (jigsaw starts a web server and an admin
at the same time (at least it does for me, Istill use jigsaw 2.0.1 and

rob sanders wrote:

> I have two Jigsaw servers up and running. And I want to administer them
> from the same machine.
> 1) NT + java 2 + jigsaw proxy configuration
>       (can run jigadmin)
> 2) solaris 2.5.1 + java 1.1.6 + jigsaw standard configuration
>       (no jigadmin)
> I understand that the the solaris admin server can't be accessed from
> the JigAdmin GUI application because it is running under java 1.1.6.
> Can I run JigAdmin on the NT machine and use it to control the second
> server's admin server remotely?
> I think the command would be:
> java org.w3c.jigadmin.Main
>    -root /installDirectoryOnRemoteSolarisMachine/Jigsaw/Jigsaw
> http://remotehost:8009
> Is the "root parameter" referring to the remote machine's file
> structure? Or is "root parameter" referring to the local machine's file
> structure; (i.e., the file structure on the machine upon which the
> jigadmin gui app is running)?
> Would this allow me to control the remote admin server on the remote
> machine? Where would the configuration files for the remote server be
> located? Are there any modification to the property files required on
> the remote machine?
> -rob

Chris Turner, http://www.cycom.co.uk/
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