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"Manual" way of using the JIGSAW proxy

From: Yona Shlomo Cn1w00 <cn1w00@comnet.technion.ac.il>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 03:20:35 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <199908180818.KAA08128@comnet13.technion.ac.il>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Cc: shlomoy@techst02.technion.ac.il

We want to use Jigsaw as a proxy to relay traffic from a client to a
server, however, we can't touch the clien't side (we can't set up the JIGSAW
proxy's URL at the clien't browser), all we can do is have the client surf
to a URL where we want the client to input (using a HTML form) a desired 
destination he/she would like to surf to using the proxy, and have 
the JIGSAW proxy relay the traffic from/to client and desired site. We want a 
CGI script to receive the user's desired URL and from then on function as a PIPE 
between the user and the JIGSAW proxy.
To accomplish that we need to know which are the "in" and "out" methods of the 
JIGSAW proxy both for client use and for the proxy-site use.

another question (which might require the same answer!):
If I need the proxy to do some packet processing
(encryption/decription, for example), which are the incoming/outgoing
classes and methods which I should wrap in order to do my processing?

Thanks in advance.

Roni and Shlomo
Received on Wednesday, 18 August 1999 04:20:58 UTC

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