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Re: survey example using http form

From: Christopher William Turner <cwturner@cycom.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 17:45:32 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <3630F85E.DD8502AA@cycom.co.uk>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Benoit Mahe wrote:

>  This should be done with JigAdmin [1], you have to select the survey
>  servlet wrapper, then click on the attribute button. Now you see
>  "Servlets Parameters", click on "Edit". Enter ResultDir in "key" and
>  any directory path in "value", click on add (or hit enter) and click
>  on OK. Then Commit your changes and save the configuration.

This is almost correct.
The parameter is called "resultsDir" not "ResultDir", you need to read the source
SurveyServlet.java to find this out. I used "c:/tmp" as the value (forward slash
works ok for
me on windows98 for java programs)
I followed the jigsaw documentation to enable servlets (source edit and rebuild
I chose "servlet" as my directory name (not "servlets"), then copied the files in
the examples directory from JSDK2.0 to my servlet directory. I copied and modified
to suit my hostname, port and servlet name. I needed to restart the http-server to
reinitialise the servlet to clear previous config errors.

I do not use the jigsaw makefiles as I have a java program which builds the whole
source tree, (checking filenames agree with package names). I use jdk1.2beta4 to
build and run.
I copied the jsdk.jar to jdk1.2beta4/jre/lib/ext/ (since it is a javax package)
and this means it is automatically used for compiling and runtime with no
classpath mentions. I also use a java launcher program to launch other java
programs via a short alias, dynamically loading the correct jar file into the
launcher's JVM (jdk1.2 has new features that support this). I am managing to build
and run without using platform dependant helpers such as batch files and make.

The end result is that jigsaw, jigadm and servlets build and work* on window98
with java1.2beta4.

*Usual java bugettes such as awt component sizing and repainting anomalies.

Chris Turner, www.cycom.co.uk
Received on Friday, 23 October 1998 17:49:04 UTC

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