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RE: Applet loading

From: Ajit George <gajit@xetex.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:43:15 -0500 (EST)
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To: "'Lokendra S. panwar'" <world@mech.iitkgp.ernet.in>
Cc: "'www-jigsaw@w3.org'" <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
1. I would  think you could simply invoke init, start, and stop on your applet 
in order to control its execution.  I haven't done it, though.
2. Your first servlet can invoke your other servlet by opening a socket and 
doing an HTTP get/post to the second servlet.


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Subject:	Applet loading

Hi all
   I have a couple of questions
1. How to load an applet from a servlet?
2.How can i make a call to another servlet running on other server from my 
current servlet?
Thanks in advance
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