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Socket problems on 95

From: Ken Ryall <kryall@milum.com>
Date: 24 Sep 97 15:01:17 -0500
To: "Jigsaw Mailinglist" <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Message-Id: <B04EDBFA-34E29@>
Hi - I'm running Jigsaw beta1 alongside another, much more simple Java
server that does group scheduling. The interface to the scheduling server
is all done with dynamic HTML & Jigsaw resources which works very nicely.

The scheduling server has its own port, ServerSocket, and listener thread,
which creates another thread to process the message which sends back the
results and closes the socket.

All this works perfectly with JRE1.1.4 and Windows NT. However when I run
it with JRE and Win 95 I get strange results: Jigsaw continues to function
OK, but my server doesn't respond. The client machine gets a few packets
back, but the actual content the server wrote to the stream is missing.
I've tried this on a couple machines and network configurations.

Is anyone aware of anything special I need to do to get this to work under
Win95? I've been studying Jigsaw's much more involved socket handling to
see if there is some buffer or timeout setting I should use but haven't
found anything.

Thanks in advance,

Ken Ryall


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