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FancyResource !

From: Nirmalkumar Tukaram Patil <npatil@EESUN2.tamu.edu>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:27:54 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <199706190327.WAA08606@eesun1.tamu.edu>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Hi ,

My Jigsaw knowledge is like a week old now. I am trying to get a feel of this
thing and the kinds of resource objects that can be written.
I have a Jigsaw installed on a WinNT 3.51  running JDK1.1.1
I wrote the FancyResource.java program but I wasn't able to install this 

I tried to use 'Add Resource' and follow the steps as in the 
Writing new Resource Objects tutorial. 
However the 'fancy' resource does not show up in the 'Existing Resources' link.

I wrote the java code for this in C:\Jigsaw\src\classes\w3c\jigsaw\tutorials
directory.  I first tried without compiling as is mentioned in the first line
on the 'Installing the Resource' part of the tutorial .... This led to some
message saying classpath wasn't pointing to FancyResource file or so,

I then corrected my classpath to point to the FancyResource class file
On doing so the Browser showed me a message which said 

"Fill in the name of the extension, and the class that files having this extension should be exported with"

Somehow I feel this seems rather to be a correct message and that I'm probably
on the right track.

After this when I go to the Existing Resource link which should display a
resource called 'fancy' ... it just doesn't display one ...

Where am I going wrong here ?????????

I would sincerely appreciate any help here 

Cheers !!!
   (O) : (409)-845-6368
   (H) : (409)-260-9165
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