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Summary of jigsaw platform results

From: Greg Kimberly <heyyou@gak.com>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 11:41:08 -0400
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To: www-jigsaw@w3.org

Here's the results of the query I sent out a month ago:

>I'm interested in using Jigsaw and I'd like to know what's the best VM (and
>platform) to run it on. (I know Java is *supposed* to be cross-platform,
>but as a Mac user, you'll excuse me if I'm a bit cynical ;-) If you're
>running Jigsaw, especially as a production server (as opposed to just
>trying it out) please drop me a line and I'll summarize for the group.
>I'd like to know:
>* what machine/OS you're running on
>* some vague indication of how hard it's being used
>* how often Jigsaw crashes/fails
>optional (well it's all optional, but this is even more optional)
>* a URL where we can all see for ourselves a real working Jigsaw server

I received responses from three people.

Considering the small number there were quite a variety of operating
systems mentioned.

Windows 95/JDK 1.1
Linux /JDK 1.02
IBM OS/400/EBCDIC encoding compatible JDK 1.0.2beta.
Solaris/JDK 1.1
Win NT/JDK 1.1

All three were pretty happy with the reliability (servers stayed up from a
week to a month without crashing.)

People who had tried other VM besides Sun's seemed to run into reliability

Anselm Baird-Smith supplied a url for a working Jigsaw server:



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