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Servlet Set-up

From: Anselm Baird_Smith <abaird@www43.inria.fr>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 08:21:00 +0200 (MET DST)
Message-Id: <199704030621.IAA16486@www43.inria.fr>
To: Mark Moales <moalesm@diebold.com>
Cc: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Mark Moales writes:
 > Hi.
 > I'm trying to set up servlets and I'm not having much success.  I'm on
 > NT 3.51. I have a servlet directory (h:\Jigsaw\Jigsaw\WWW\Servlets), and
 > I've tried to create a ServletDirectory resource using this directory. 
 > From the root, I followed the "Add resource" link.  I entered "Servlets"
 > in the "name" field, and "w3c.jigsaw.servlet.ServletDirectory" in the
 > "class" field.  When I hit the create button, I get a "Document contains
 > no data" warning.  I also get the following exception:
 > java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Unimplemented interface method
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.forms.ClassnameField.setValue(ClassnameField.java)
 >         at
 > w3c.jigsaw.forms.FormCardResource.updateField(FormCardResource.java)
 >         at
 > w3c.jigsaw.forms.FormCardResource.handle(FormCardResource.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.forms.PostableResource.post(PostableResource.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.resources.HTTPResource.dispatch(HTTPResource.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.resources.HTTPResource.perform(HTTPResource.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.http.httpd.perform(httpd.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.http.Client.processRequest(Client.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.http.Client.startConnection(Client.java)
 >         at w3c.jigsaw.http.socket.SocketClient.run(SocketClient.java)
 >         at w3c.util.CachedThread.run(ThreadCache.java)
 > Am I getting this because I'm using the latest JSDK from Sun?


 > I thought I saw that this might be a problem in one of the messages in
 > the mailing list.
 > If I can't use the latest JSDK, does anyone know when Jigsaw might
 > support it?

It already does internally, and this will ship out with next release
(not until June 15th, for the public)

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