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Re:Rebuild Admin (again)

From: Alexandre Rafalovitch <alex@access.com.au>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 12:19:44 +1000
Message-Id: <v03010d01af0c787cafdc@[]>
To: Cliff Wheatley <72510.2470@CompuServe.COM>, <www-jigsaw@www10.w3.org>
At 3:14 PM +1000 22/1/97, Cliff Wheatley wrote:
>> I'm installing Jigsaw 1.0alpha3 on WIndows NT v3.51 sp3 and I can't get the
>> editor to display in my browser (IE v2 16bit).  The WWW/Admin directory is
>empty and there > is no files with this path in the distribution archive
>(jigsaw.zip off the W3 server).
>> I  didn't see anything in the documentation that says you have to build this
>> (WWW/Admin) or did I miss it?  Can anyone step me through building this from
>source?  TIA,
>> much appreciated.

There is not supposed to be anything in /Admin directory. All the resources
there are not filesystem based. As far as you started you jigsaw copy
properly it should work.

If you send the exact error (and url you were on just before) we might be
of more help.

Before you do it, check one thing though.

You have to tell Jigsaw which machine and which port you are running on. If
you don't get the machine name right, Jigsaw will still start and serve
pages, but all dynamically generated URL references would point to the
wrong machine (the one you specified).

For example, if default machine is www.foo.org, port 8888 and you are
running it by just calling jigsaw without specifying your machine details,
then jigsaw would start and bind on port 8888 of that machine. All the
dynamic references though would points to www.foo.org . That could be
confusing sometimes.

Hope it helps,
Ps. As I have said, if it did not help, send more details and we will see
what can be done.

Received on Wednesday, 22 January 1997 20:20:03 UTC

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