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Jigsaw performance under Win95

From: Pasquale Di Feo <pasdif@netfly.it>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 22:59:49 +0200
Message-ID: <31EEA5C5.3365@netfly.it>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
I have tested that jigsaw is less performant if it running
in a dos shell on Win95 (WinNT cmd shell is better). 

Is more performant if create a shortcut to Java and specified 
the following parameters

Destination: C:\Java\Bin\java.exe w3c.jigsaw.http.httpd -port 80 -root c:\jigsaw\jigsaw 

Start in: C:\Java\Bin

I hope that this is useful

Received on Thursday, 18 July 1996 16:59:32 UTC

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