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Re: svg manipulation

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <epietriga@nuxeo.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:54:53 +0200
Message-ID: <40C716AD.3050707@nuxeo.com>
To: DEPY MAKRY <depymak@ceti.gr>
Cc: www-isaviz@w3.org


>  i use svg exactly because of scalability.
> My problem is not any more to view the graphic outside isaviz
> Yes , indeed my problem is to get a bitmap form of my graphic fragment ,
> import it in the program i make my presentation , then to resize it
> without loosing my clean view .i tried to use the ready made export
> possibilities avoiding to get into the code of batik's export routines.

If resizing the bitmap in the presentation program consists in enlarging 
the image (w.r.t its original size), you will necessarily decrease its 
quality. So what you need to do is generate a bitmap image that you do 
not need to resize in the presentation program (I mean, that you do not 
need to enlarge ; reducing its size should be ok, although you might 
still loose quality depending on the algorithm used to reduce the image 
size - see (*) for more details about this).

To do that from IsaViz, just enlarge the main graph window (e.g. make it 
full screen) and export as PNG. If your desktop screen size is, say, 
1024x768, you will get a bitmap image of about that size. With an image 
of this size, you should not need to enlarge it in the presentation program.

(*) if you need to decrease the image size, your presentation program 
might not be the best option to do this (I don't know as I do not use MS 
Office tools). Instead, you might want to do this with an image 
processing program such as Gimp [1] or Paint Shop Pro which provide 
advanced bitmap resizing options and different interpolation methods 
(linear, cubic, and others). That's what I do when I want to reduce a 
graph (the linear method seems to be the most appropriate for 2D graphs 
such as the ones generated with IsaViz).

[1] http://www.gimp.org


>>DEPY MAKRY wrote:
>>>i am interesting in using ther rdf graphs   produced  using isaviz in a
>>>presentation . But  i found it difficult to get a clear view even for
>>>the smallest fragment. Meaning that i try to insert them in a powerpoint
>>>i have tried batik export possibilities  as well as adobe svg viewer.
>>>any idea?
>> From IsaViz you have two options as far as graphical export is concerned:
>>1) bitmap image output of the current view (encoded using the PNG format)
>>2) vector graphics representation of the whole graph (encoded in SVG)
>>1) can obviously not be scalled, but if you are interested in a fragment
>>of your graph, it is a quick way of getting an "picture" of it. 2) is
>>much better for graphs of some complexity, but requires an SVG viewer to
>>be able to navigate and zoom in the graph to see details. As far as I
>>know, MS-Powerpoint does not support SVG. From what you tell, I gather
>>that you tried to get a bitmap representation of your graph through
>>Batik or the Adobe SVG plugin. Is that right? If so, I'm not sure I
>>understand the nature of your problem. Both of these plugins should be
>>able to produce clean views of the fragment you are interested in.
>>Could you be more specific about what you expect?

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