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Re: XML Blueberry Requirements

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan <michka@trigeminal.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:36:48 -0700
Message-ID: <005a01c0fa78$bfe59e90$15a52640@redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
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From: "From Net Link" <kgw-net@stiscan.com>

> Unix and Apple do not use cr-lf!
> Most pre-ASCII computers were unit-record and did not use CR-LF.
> The problem is real for any operating system not using CR-LF.

> Your antique attitude is showing!
> I have seem IBM do dumb things to avoid looking monopolistic since the
> Most of the world is using that crappy Windows partly because of this
> The bigger danger is from Microsoft. They probably would not even ask for
> a change.  They would do what ever they want and try to make it the
standard by fiat.

Actually, it might be best to just stop with all of the complaints about
individual companies here? I do not think there IS a company that does not
have both good and bad examples of their behavior. Can we just get back to
the business of standards here and leave the rest of the discussion to
alt.microsoft.sucks, alt.ibm.sucks.too and all of the other places where
this sort of nonsense is welcome?

Misha, I think this whole thread makes for a good argument against
cross-posting between public and private lists -- it simply creates too much


Michael Kaplan
Trigeminal Software, Inc.
Received on Thursday, 21 June 2001 13:37:34 UTC

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