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RE: Transliteration

From: Carrasco Benitez Manuel <manuel.carrasco@emea.eudra.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 14:23:07 +0100
Message-Id: <5DFB753C1329D1119DEC00805F15C3426080A7@WS015>
To: "'Harald Tveit Alvestrand'" <Harald.Alvestrand@maxware.no>, www-international@w3.org, tc46sc2@elot.gr

>>In RFC 1766, the first characters does not seems to denote a
>>language or family of languages.  Namely
>> i-  for IANA
>> x- for experimental
>what I don't like about t-el-latin is that it loses the basic
>information that this is in fact Greek; it won't match an
>"accept-language: el".
>i- and x- are "escape hatches".

The two options would look like:

 1) Extending RFC-1766

 2) Attribute TRAN
     <SPAN LANG=el TRAN=foo>

The string "tran", for language transformation
could another one.

A register of schemes will be needed
(I am looking into this).

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