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RE: Please clarify * is legal in HTTP1/1 Accept-Charset Header

From: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 23:41:17 -0800
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In the HTTP WEBDAV group we are within half an inch of defining headers
using UTF 8 and language tags. Internationalization is a major issue for
us and we can ignore it no longer.

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>Subject:	Re: Please clarify * is legal in HTTP1/1 Accept-Charset Header
>On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Koen Holtman wrote:
>> Accept-Charset has no wildcard in 1.1 because of an oversight, not because
>> the http-wg had a long discussion in which it was decided to omit it.  I
>> think a strong case can be made for adding the wildcard in the next
>> of the HTTP/1.1 specification (which will be in 4 months I think).  Someone
>> would have to write a small internet draft to make this happen.
>Writing an internet draft to document the problems surrounding
>internationalization in the current draft has been suggested as
>a conclusion to other discussions. At present, I count 6 issues,
>of course not all of them with equal degree of consensus.
>I would be willing to write them together as an internet-draft;
>anybody willing to help??? Anybody afraid of me writing this
>draft, because I have my own oppinion on certain issues?
>I would prefer to limit the discussion to http-wg, because this
>is most directly concerned, and I don't want to get the same
>mail more than two times. A preliminary title would be
>draft-ietf-http-i18n-issues-00.txt. Does anybody have any
>better idea?
>Regards,	Martin.
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