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Re: [Comment on WS-I18N WD]

From: Dan Chiba <dan.chiba@oracle.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 16:21:51 -0700
Message-ID: <4860300F.6080706@oracle.com>
To: www-i18n-comments@w3.org

Based on the recent discussions, I revised the proposed specific i18n 
items for explicit inclusion as follows:

  1. Locale (BCP 47 | "$neutral" | "$default")
  2. Timezone (Olson ID or RFC 822 zone offset)
  3. Language (identifies translation language, BCP 47)
  4. Collation (based on the IANA collation registry)
  5. Date/Time Formats (based on LDML syntax)
  6. Number Format (based on LDML syntax)
  7. Currency Format (based on LDML syntax)
  8. Calendar (based on LDML calendar type?)

Changes are:
* Locale identifier expects BCP 47 (delimiter is dash; no underscore).
* Language is moved down to become a child of i18n:preferences. (only 
locale and tz are immediately under i18n:international)
* Charset is removed.

* 3 - 8 are all optional.
* Language element may be used when it is desirable to honor user's 
locale and language preferences independently.
* The language element is at 
i18n:international/i18n:preferences/i18n:language. BCP 47 defines valid 
* The collation element is at 
i18n:international/i18n:preferences/iana:collation. Collation Registry 
defines valid values.
* The namespace for the collation element needs to be defined. (prefix 
and the URI)

Is this a reasonable list of the element items now?


Dan Chiba wrote:
> Hello,
> The WS-I18N draft specifically defines locale and timezone as element 
> information items.
> http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-ws-i18n-20080415/#sec-i18n
> Is it possible to consider defining several other commonly used 
> elements as well?
> Here is a list of items that we think are common:
>  1. Locale (already defined)
>  2. Timezone (already defined)
>  3. Language (used when UI language is different from the language 
> deduced from the UI locale. e.g. "de" for German language, "fr-CH" for 
> Switzerland/French locale)
>  4. Collation (based on the IANA collation registry)
>  5. Charset (based on the IANA character set registry; for limited 
> use, generally discouraged)
>  6. Date/Time Formats (based on LDML syntax)
>  7. Number Format (based on LDML syntax)
>  8. Currency Format (based on LDML syntax)
>  9. Calendar (based on LDML calendar type?)
> WS-I18N's defining more elements would enhance interoperability 
> significantly. For example, they could include the followings, then it 
> would be easier to coordinate the services and produce the desired 
> application behavior.
> i18n:international/i18n:language?
> i18n:international/i18n:preferences/iana:collation?
> i18n:international/i18n:preferences/iana:charset?
> i18n:international/i18n:preferences/ldml:dateFormat[@type="short"]?
> <snip/>
> It would be desirable for service implementors to use standard items 
> so that the implementations will be compatible with others.
> Regards,
> -Dan Chiba
> Oracle Globalization Technology
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