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CURIE Syntax: Concatenation rule

From: Pete Johnston <Pete.Johnston@eduserv.org.uk>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 18:39:28 -0000
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In the CURIE Syntax WD of 20071126


Section 3 includes the line:

> The concatenation of the prefix associated with a CURIE and its
reference MUST be an IRI [IRI].

Maybe I'm misunderstanding this rule, but I wondered whether this was

It seems to me it is not the concatenation of prefix and reference which
should form an IRI; rather, it's the concatenation of the IRI to which
the prefix is mapped and the reference which should form an IRI.

I think the summary of CURIE embedded in the RDFa Syntax draft


gets it right when it says

> This IRI is obtained by taking the currently in-scope mapping that is
associated with prefix, and concatenating it with the reference. The
result MUST be a syntactically valid IRI


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