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Re: Identifying end tags

From: Patrick H. Lauke <redux@splintered.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 13:01:20 +0100
Message-ID: <449D2990.7020700@splintered.co.uk>
To: www-html@w3.org

Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> However, I do strongly support the suggestion of
> allowing attributes on end tags :
>> With attributes
>> <div id="design">
>> <div id="content">
>> <div id="maincontent">
>> <div id="related">
>>             Content
>> </div id="related">
>> </div id="maincontent">
>> </div id="content">
>> </div id="design">

So, not only can authors make a mess by wrongly nesting different tags, 
but also by then using the wrong attribute in the closing tag?

I really don't see the benefit here, other than for the author - which 
shouldn't be a consideration when it comes to the construction of the 
language, IMHO.

Patrick H. Lauke
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