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Re: XHTML 1.0, section C14

From: James Pickering <jp29@cox.net>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 15:53:43 -0700
Message-ID: <003001c7159b$8d2b5550$0200a8c0@jp29>
To: <www-html@w3.org>, "Shane McCarron" <shane@aptest.com>

I became disillusioned with the W3C some time ago when I responded to their 
request for input relating to other popular Web Servers (than Apache) as 
solicited on their Web page relating to Content Negotiation: 
My input related to Zeus 3.xx. I never received an acknowledgement of my 
efforts nor was my input incorporated in their Web page.

J. Pickering
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> On 21 Nov, Shane McCarron wrote:
>> And please, let's not devolve into a discussion about content
>> negotiation.  The method above works.  Does it suck?  Sure.  Are there
>> browsers that lie in their request headers?  I surely hope not, but if
>> there are.... they deserve what they get.
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