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Re: XHTML2: Proposal for total separation of semantics from structure

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Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 04:53:17 -0300
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 Wow, so many messages.
Thanks everyone, is good to know that so many of us are interested.
I believe the topic very much deserves so.
 I could not possibly attempt to reply one by one, nor perhaps anyone care. 
So IŽll shut up for the time being.
 In the meantime, I believe the discussion is very positive. 
People with different expertises help us all to see the whole set of 
constraints and potentialities involved.
 In fact, in that vein, you might be interested to know that I'm currently 
trying to contact people reprensentative of the main semantic approaches 
that I can identify, so they can perhaps further enrich this discussion.
For instance, RDF, Topic Maps, and Microformats. If anyone can think of any 
other aprroach or specific person who should be here, please invite them 
The discussion should not go into semantic areas per se, of course, but they 
might add perspective about what would be necessary/convenient regarding 
 Btw, I wanted to convey that I learned of a project that could perhaps be 
interesting to many. Perhaps even become important.
 It is a project attempting to make wikimedia based wikis (think wikipedia) 
semantically aware/ready.
Why do I think it could become quite important?
Well, let's take a second here. Let's lie back in our chairs for a moment 
and try to see the big picture.
Most people out there don't have a clue the semantic web vision even exists. 
Those of us who got to know it a bit, are almost invariably dragged to it, 
sure. But most people do not have a clue.
So how about a showcase? A little proof-of-concept content site or two, plus 
a little semantic search engine?
And if so...what better suited than a natural candidate, an 
encyclopedia-like site, which is at the same time a little web-in-miniature, 
and a quite straightforward ontology-based hierarchy of rich, popular and 
free content?
 I'll shut up again.
XHTML 2.0 will still take some time. But perhaps we can ensure it is 
semantic-web-aware way before it comes out.
And start showcasing the next gen web.
 Is Tim Berners Lee still active? If so, he might like to be aware of those 
last paragraphs up there.
He DOES know a thing or two about the semantic web.
And he DOES know a thing or two about launchings, timings, and early 
Senior W3C staff with access, please duely note.
 Thank you,
Fernando Franco
 Semantic MediaWiki
(I'm not affiliated with them, nor do we know each other. I will try to make 
them aware of this as well)
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