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Re: Comments on the XHTML 2.0 WD

From: ACJ <ego@acjs.net>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 19:05:18 +0200
Message-ID: <4298A4CE.30109@acjs.net>
To: www-html@w3.org
I understand the difference in type of lists, and that is exactly why
I've recently started pondering (I was a fan when I first read about it)
whether navigation should be one of them—it seems to me "navigation"
says something about its contents on a different level. What I mean is:
shouldn't it up to the author whether the navigation of a document is
presented as an ordered list; unordered list; set of terms and
definitions; or perhaps not as a list at all? I can even think of use
case scenario's where the navigation is presented as a table. Consider
the following markup:

<table role="navigation" id="toc">
<caption>*Table* of contents</caption>
<tr><td href="2005/05/28/cat-pictures">Cat

Also, isn't this why dir and menu didn't work out?

Again, just a thought. :)

Dustin wrote:

> If this was the case, you could just have a single element for a list 
> and use an attribute to define what type of list it is:
> <list mode="unordered"> <!-- replaces UL -->
> </list>
> <list mode="ordered"> <!-- replaces OL -->
> </list>
> <list mode="navigation"> <!-- replaces NL -->
> </list>
> The only problem with this idea is the fact that definition lists are 
> different than the other 3 types of lists.
> My two cents...
> On 5/28/05, *ACJ* <ego@acjs.net <mailto:ego@acjs.net>> wrote:
>     Perhaps "navigation" should 'only' be a role. Consider the
>     following markup:
>     <dl role="navigation">
>         <di class="home">
>             <dt href="/home">Home</dt>
>             <dd>The home page of this site, featuring a picture of a
>     cat.</dd>
>         </di>
>         <di>
>             <dt href="/cats/">Cats</dt>
>             <dd>Index of cat pictures.</dd>
>         </di>
>     </dl>
>     Just a thought...

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