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Re: <NOBR> - Returning to the question ( 2 )

From: Rimantas Liubertas <ic@rimantas.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 08:18:18 +0200
Message-ID: <1527951490.20040228081818@rimantas.com>
To: www-html@w3.org

JKK> Maybe 'no break'? For example, if a speech browser is set to read very
JKK> slowly (maybe because the user has a cognitive disabilities), the browser
JKK> could treat <nobr> as indicating that the words inside it belong together,
JKK> so no prolonged pauses should occur inside it.

Can you tell more about it? Do I misinterpret something thinking, that
pauses in speech in written form are represented using punctuation (and
some structure indication: paragraphs, headings etc.).

>> Other elements say you something about content - is it heading, list,
>> paragraph or maybe quote.
JKK> In Strict, you mean? Though even in Strict, <span>, <div>, <script>,
JKK> <noscript>, <pre> and <br> and a few others are under some suspicion.

Well, yes. I wouldn't be too strict for <div> and <span> cause we can
use them in more or less semantic manner. <script> stands on its own,
<pre> is entirely presentational (imho). Things get tricky with <br>.

>> <nobr> says you nothing - except that this
>> line/piece of text should not wrap when presented in visual media.

JKK> Well, I don't deny that such usage is the real reason for <nobr>, though
JKK> some good reasons could be given too. In some cases, <nobr> corresponds to
JKK> very close structural connection between "words", such as in
JKK> <nobr>500 000</nobr> (in languages and practices that use a space as a
JKK> thousands separator) or in <nobr>%20</code> (when discussing URL encoding
JKK> for example) or in <nobr>-1</nobr>. But for the most of it, it is needed
JKK> because it is the only effective weapon against line breaking rules that
JKK> browsers actually apply. Other weapons typically hurt the innocent.

Well, I agree. But how about 500&nbsp;000? In such cases I see things
that way: if two parts can go separately, we should put some "glue" in
between, not to wrap them both in <nobr></nobr>. Only we have some
problem with a glue for your latter examples...

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