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Re: Target attrib in HTML 4.01 Strict

From: Toby A Inkster <tobyink@goddamn.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 22:55:23 +0000
To: Justin Wood <Callek@juno.com>
Cc: www-html@w3.org, Videolego@aol.com
Message-ID: <20040207225522.GA11844@ophelia.goddamn.co.uk>
On Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at 01:00:26PM -0500, Justin Wood wrote:
| It is in my opinion that the target attribute should be in HTML 4.01 
| strict with the following guideline, only the built-in uses for target 
| should be recognized, (_blank, _top, etc.)

Well sorry, but you're a bit late. HTML 4.01 Strict was finalised some
time last century. No chance of getting a last minute change in now!

| It is my understanding there is currently no CSS1, CSS2, or proposed 
| CSS3 property to achieve this.  

No there's not, but there is in various scripting languages.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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