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Re: Scripting DTD's

From: Christian Wolfgang Hujer <Christian.Hujer@itcqis.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 09:03:31 +0100
To: AaronEldreth@cs.com, www-html@w3.org
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Hi Aaron,

Am Freitag, 14. November 2003 03:09 schrieb AaronEldreth@cs.com:
> A friend and I were talking about the advantages of XHTML 2.0, and were
> also thinking about the DTDs and how beneficial they are. Why not create a
> set of general scripting DTD's (like one for javascript, vbscript, and
> ecmascript). If someone doesn't like one of those languages, they can get a
> copy of the DTD and edit it to suit their needs? Or better yet, have a
> program that would make a script DTD for them? Since XHTML 2 is still in
> devolopment, the SDTD (Scripting DTD) could be added, and included for the
> final relese of XHTML 2.
I can't see the point.
What's scripting got to do with XHTML DTD's or Schemata?

In case you don't know, a DTD can only create a simply ruleset of validating 
XML relevant aspects of a document. Usual scripting languages like ecmascript 
(which is javascript) or vbscript or perl are beyond that scope because their 
syntax is not based on XML.
It's impossible to validate a script using a DTD.

Also, the current form handling scripts in documents with the <script/> 
element is independent of the scripting language because the language's 
MIME-Type is used in the @type attribute of the <script/> element:

<!-- ... -->
<script type="text/javascript"><![CDATA[
<!-- ... -->

(Of course, the CDATA section is not really neccessary in this example, it is 
only for not getting problems with < and & characters in scripts)

The attribute type of the @type attribute currently is CDATA (%ContentType or 
something similar), you can fill in any valid Mime Type.

If I got you complete wrong and you mean something else, please repeat your 
question and give some examples.

Bye, have a nice weekend
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