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navigation list

From: Mikko Pohja <mikko.pohja@hut.fi>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 16:07:26 +0300
Message-ID: <3ECE1D0E.2020007@hut.fi>
To: www-html@w3.org


I've been wondering how to implement the navigation lists (nl) in xhtml 
2. I ended up to use the active pseudo-class to nl element to indicate 
when nl's label is selected. In the default stylesheet I define style 
for the list items:

nl > li { display:none; }
nl:active > li { display: list-item; }

What do you think about that? Also, how would you style the label 
element when it's selected/de-selected?

Mikko Pohja
Received on Friday, 23 May 2003 09:09:56 UTC

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