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XHTML 2, Creation of a New Language

From: Veith Risak <veith.risak@chello.at>
Date: Sun May 11 15:25:42 2003
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <20030511191638.LTNH7688.viefep11-int.chello.at@rittal.chello.at>

I follow very intensively the technical discussions about XHTML2.

In times of aggressive nationalism it is good to see, how people around the
world cooperate in a rational and creative style in the creation of a new
universal (independant of platform, operating-system, ...) language.

This language - or a subset of it - could serve in a far future for
decoding texts of our culture and civilization now. Perhaps it could
sometimes be compared with the famous "stone of Rosette".

I think, it was a good idea to create a very new language without
considering legacy (HTML, XHTML 1). Therefore it should be defined as clear
and simple as possible (but not simpler, citing Einstein).

I for myself - as a purist - use strict XHTML, written with emacs and of
course verified by W3C.

I think I had to post this not technical matter, for considering XHTML 2 in
a wide context. Sometimes I had the feeling to be buried in technical

Good luck

Veith Risak

University of Salzburg
Software Engineering
Received on Sunday, 11 May 2003 15:25:42 UTC

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