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Star Wars-focused business, website for sale

From: Eric Miltsch <epmiltsch@empiresolutions.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 10:19:53 -0500
To: <dslguy2001@yahoo.com>
Message-ID: <KKEJIEEAHELCKKIPPCNIGELACBAA.epmiltsch@empiresolutions.com>
Dear Star Wars Enthusiast,

I would like to inform you that we have decided to offer for sale our Star
Wars, Web-based business currently located at www.starwarszone.com.
StarWarszone.com is the only true, unique Star Wars specific-market on the
Internet (the website is not affiliated with Lucas Films).  This website not
only serves as a storefront for selling Star Wars-related products, but also
as a “open invitation” for others to buy and sell Star Wars-specific
products and services (you will make a commission on every sale).   It has
taken us two years in developing the applications for this website and feel
that it would prove to be valuable to someone who wants to complement their
existing business or is a budding entrepreneur.  Since we are unable to
gauge the value of a unique website such as this website, we decided to
accept the best offer presented to us.

What you will get with this business:

          Our accumulated 5,800 STAR WARS-targeted email addresses {This
targeted SW email database is available separately for $1500)

          Limited access to 5,718 Registered Users (through affiliates)

          Confidential price lists and agreements with distributors,
wholesalers and dealers

          12 months of free website hosting

Why are we selling?

We are a Web Development company that develops web-based business solutions
for niche clients.  Our company developed this website when we determined
there were really no other community websites that focused on buyers and
sellers in the Star Wars community.  We didn’t realize what a huge community
of people were interested in Star Wars, including fans, collectors and
enthusiasts. We feel that someone else more closely aligned with the Star
Wars community would be better suited to continue development of this online
business  (you will have the opportunity to select your own domain name
which I can help you with).

StarWarsZone.com Features:

          Exclusivity – Our next-generation website focuses exclusively on
the Star Wars market

          Efficiency - Website lists all STAR WARS products categories on
homepage (no “page flipping”)

          Email Broadcasts - Email Broadcast System for instant
communication among the STAR WARS community members

          The first STAR WARS website (as far as we know) that deals with
critical-timing issues (Urgent Want-to-Buy, Urgent Want-to-Sells) and
long-term selling solutions (items can be listed up to a year)

          Effective – the website was designed as effective source for
finding hard-to-find, obsolete and unique products and parts.

          Profitability – most fans are tired of paying high prices for
items.  It is also very difficult to find all-inclusive STAR WARS-related
collectibles anywhere else on the Internet.  This niche market provides the
opportunity to generate high margins and substantial revenue.

          Flexibility – Add, delete or modify categories

          Many, many other features I could tell you about at your request

*** If this Web-based business does not interest you, we apologize for the
email (we have you listed as someone interested in Star Wars merchandise).
You are still invited to join our STAR WARS community in helping to create
the largest STAR WARS marketplace on the Internet at www.starwarszone.com
(you will have the opportunity to select your own domain name which I can
help you with)

Please let me know if you’re interested in this website or any other
“market-specific” websites.  If you wish to not receive future emails,
please reply to this email with “Opt-out” or “Remove” and your email address
will be immediately removed from our database.

Thank you.


Eric Miltsch, StarWarszone.com

Empire Solutions, Inc

(800) 820-2711, X27

Note: We would also consider selling our other Sci-Fi-related, Web-Based
businesses that include Star Trek Lord of the Rings, Beatles, Elvis and
Transformers.  Please call or email me for more information.
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