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Replace 'checked' with 'selected'(?)

From: Michael Probst <mp@imagine-vs.de>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 16:44:56 +0200
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <KHPK54B9MLR2WA9RO87OLE9XSNLZTZX.3d946ee8@xsmall>


I wonder if there is any reason for the existence for the attribute 'checked'.

A list with selectable entries, an array of radio buttons or little (check-)
boxes are all just means to present a range of selectable options, one/some of
which may be pre-'selected'.
So it seems natural for me (alone?) to use 'selected' for options marked
up with <input ...> as well. (which I have to correct sooner or later, of course 

As I write this I begin to think strange that <select> has no
type='radio|checkbox' - instead of <input>.

One could also argue that it is dialect specific (would you want 'ticked' in its 
place? (if you speak American English)), and 'selected' isn't.

Well, at least the substitution of 'selected' for 'checked' I deem a desirable
simplification (leaving 'checked' deprecated or up to user agent implementators
for backward compatibility).

I'm no specialist, perhaps I misjudge the simplification/compatibility ratio, or
there is something I have completely missed.

So? :)


'The early worm is caught by the bird.'
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