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Re: Double hyphens ('--') in comments invalid

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Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 02:53:05 GMT
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Greg Faron <gfaron@integretechpub.com> wrote:

>   I've been directed to the XML spec in which it states
>that "for compatibility, the string '--' (double-hyphen)
>must not occur within comments."  I assume it refers to the
>compatibility with SGML (of which I know very little).

No, it refers to compatibility with HTML, which, because web
browsers have been buggy w.r.t. comments since the beginning,
artificially limits the number of SGML comments that can be
placed inside any element to 1 comment, and which artificially
forbids comments to be placed in elements other than <!>.

In SGML, pairs of -- delimit a comment (i.e., --foo-- is a
comment for any foo that does not contain -- itself).

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