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Re: Point of order!

From: wong yenchin <galilee5@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 11:03:28 -0000
To: snooky1@visto.com
Cc: www-html@w3.org
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Hi Dustin,

Sound scary.  As stated by one of the book in Larry Eillson, the PC is 
moving forwards and sooner or later software will be removed, the microsoft 
people still hesitate but Larry is in it.  That is what is happening in 
Silicon Valley, but there is yet a huge pile of people that need to be 
pulled up to use the internet.

In due time, it might be a servicing world where open-source is something we 
are heading towards, then come the education and training at layman term, it 
might not be that terrible as Dustin has stated  below.

But Net started in 1996 when it first hit Silicon Valley, it has travelled a 
long period of approximately 5 years plus, it is still functioning and 
expanding, I don't think it is that bad.

AGILE is  a big industry itself especially with internet.

Yours Sincerely,

>From: "Dustin Kreidler" <snooky1@visto.com>
>Reply-To: snooky1@visto.com
>To: www-html@w3.org
>Subject: Point of order!
>Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 07:18:32 -0800
>I just want to throw something out here.  I am still
>learning the in-depth knowledge that so many of you take
>for granted, and observing you go back and forth on topics
>is usually amazingly informative.  But let me just remind
>you of the realities outside this list....
>1) Businesses are still forcing their clients to browse on
>older UAs.  As someone else pointed out, Mom and Dad have
>no clue how to upgrade their browser.  While I understand,
>and even join with you, in hating the current technology,
>pinning your "solutions" on future technologies is kinda
>like saying that the cure for California's power problems
>is the development of solar and wind power.  Tell that to
>the people with no lights.  They don't care about what you
>could do with 5 years and a great big budget.  Use what you
>have and fix it now.
>2) As far as cached items go, I have NO idea what
>persistant connections do in terms of caching, but i do
>know that with limited hard disk space, most people who
>know just a little about the internet (the small amount of
>knowledge that makes them dangerous) clean up their caches
>on a fairly regular basis.  The common UA's have that as an
>easy to find option.  Assuming they will keep all the
>static elements of *your* site while discarding all of the
>ad crap they get dumped on them is ludicrous.  When
>everyone can own that cool 60GB hard drive, ok.  Fine.
>Cache all of your stuff to your hearts content.  But this
>is NOT the case for Mom and Dad.
>I guess the real point is this.  For their benefit, never
>assume anyone has your knowledge or experience.  Case in
>   My car does not expect me to figure out exactly how much
>gas to put into the engine, or how much air to mix in, or
>how quickly to rev up the whole process.  I am presented
>with one pedal, and the car takes care of everything else
>for me.  If i were an engine engineer, i might yearn for a
>control mechanism that would be perfect for *me* to tweak
>the power and fuel consumption to my heart's delight.  But
>then, my Mom and Dad wouldn't be able to drive anywhere and
>get milk.  So what would be the point?
>Ok, back to the discussion on csi vs. ssi.  thanks!
>Dustin Kreidler
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