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RE: client side includes

From: Jonathan Rosenne <rosenne@qsm.co.il>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 23:17:11 +0200
To: www-html <www-html@w3.org>
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My math is slightly different, going back to frames vs. CSI. A frameset with
three frames is quite common and is 4 files. With CSI the first page in the set
would only require 3 files. The volume of text is about the same. The second
page would require one file and 2 cashed files for CSI, one file for frames. I
cannot see this makes much of a difference, and with images the relative
importance of these differences is insignificant.


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> Murray Wrote:
> "Unless my math is weak, a page with 30 or so CSI files (not that
> unrealistic) would take a minimum time of seven round trips (One for the
> html file itself, and 30/5 = 6 for the CSI files.)  Imagine if it were only
> one."
> Geez! What makes you think that 30 csi files is not that unrealistic? I've
> kept my ssi calls down to less than 5 all of the time! I usually pull it out
> in only 3 ssi calls. I cannot imagine a realistic application of CSI taking
> that many files! I could see maybe 10 tops, which would take two
> connections...
> But if you want to complain about how much longer it would take to load...
> just don't. I've said it before: Currently, in the big two, if there is a
> table (which there ALWAYS is), which sets the layout of the page, then the
> page will not be displayed until the final </table> is recieved. Now, while
> the UA is loading the hypertext in one connection, it's loading images in
> the other four. On a modem (or on my modem, at least), it usually
> successfully loads more than one image per http connection, before it
> finally loads enough hypertext to get that final </table> tag, and finally
> display all of these graphics it's loaded. How would CSI files be
> signifficantly different from that, if future UA's are designed to load all
> markup BEFORE loading images or other binary files?
> And, again, we'll have to trust the Darwinian / Capitalist principle of
> competition will prevent us from seeing any new feature of a w3c spec, be it
> svg, or the hypothetical client-side includes, being abused by millions of
> unscroupulous, moronic html authors. For example, how often to you see
> people writing hole paragraphs of text using CSS's blinking text property?
> (yes, I know IE doesn't support that property, and I auplaud the IE team for
> that decision. :)  )
> Oh well... have a good day everyone!!!
> Daniel
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