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RE: anchors

From: Hoyt, Phil <Phil.Hoyt@globeinteractive.com>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 18:20:41 -0500
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That helps, but I think it's very clumsy. It breaks one of my unwritten
rules of good html: never use javascript to do something fundamental to the
use of the site. Also, writing the entire URL out just doesn't work in a
servlet-generated site where the URL could be just about anything. In short,
this problem is entirely preventing me from using base href.

I would like to be able to refer to an anchor in the document in question,
or one at the base href alternately depending on the syntax I use. Something
like "/#anchor" refers to the base href, while "#anchor" refers to the
current document. Or, perhaps more reverse-compatible, one could use 

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I think that the Spec is clear about that.
A BASE href is meant to be the basis for all HREFs without a BASE explicitly
declared in their
HREF section.

Thus, having the tag <a href="#top">, with a BASE
HREF="http://www.url.com/", this means that the
anchor must be appended to the BASE in this case. This ends up as:

So far was only meant to discuss the SPEC part.
Going back to being able to specify #anchors inside your document, there are
TWO ways that I know
of, even if you're using BASE hrefs.

1- Have the URL explicitly declared with the anchor. <a

2- Use a javascript function to fill in the Document.location at run-time if
you don't know the
file name or if you are afraid that the file name might be changed without
the HREF updated as

I hope the above helps.

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