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re: lowercase tags required in the future?

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Date: 17 Jan 00 11:10:00 -0500
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> I have a question ...
> Recently, one of my students tried out an HTML editor and found that he could not
> create his tags in uppercase letters (which is a standard I have followed for years).
> The student requested info from the developers of the editor, and he was told by
> those developers that they were preparing for the new HTML standard which would
> require all tags to be set in lowercase.
> I have searched W3C along with many other sites and have found no mention of this
> supposed standard. Is this, in fact, true and if so, are there any articles I've missed
> that discuss this issue?

The new direction for HTML is the XHTML project, which rewrites HTML as an 
XML application.  Since XML is case-sensitive, W3C had to specify what case HTML 
elements and attributes would be in.  They chose lowercase.  See section 4.2 of the 
XHTML 1.0 spec:


(Okay, so that's actually the pointer to the top of section 4, which is concerned with the 
differences between XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.0.

XHTML 1.1 will start from the XHTML 1.0 baseline and actually start making serious 
changes - like removing deprecated elements.  Meanwhile, HTML 4.01 is still case-
insensitive...but the future lies with XHTML.

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