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Web Form Speech Input for Non-Wintel Systems

From: Cesare Cioni <cesare.cioni@iol.it>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:42:28 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <a04310101b4e1ecddc794@[]>
To: www-html@w3.org
I use Netscape on a Macintosh. I've read with some concern the 
information about Web Form Speech Input for Non-Wintel Systems.
Please make sure that any new implementation, including the device 
input and upload mentiooned in the subject, supports ALL platforms 
and ALL major browsers.
Keep the Net available for everybody!

Cesare Cioni
The same software companies that created the Y2K bug were paid 
billions to fix or replace their defective products.
Next time I make a mistake at work, can I have a raise if I promise 
I'll try to fix it? 
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