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RE: "fighting it out between WGs" (was: inline CSS)

From: Chris Wilson <cwilso@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 16:12:39 -0800
Message-ID: <C35556591D34D111BB5600805F1961B91D5CDF33@RED-MSG-47>
To: "'Murray Altheim'" <altheim@eng.sun.com>
Cc: www-html@w3.org
Murray Altheim [mailto:altheim@eng.sun.com] wrote:
>You know, most everyone I've heard from is either a past or current 
>member of the CSS working group or a Microsoft employee. 
>I guess I'm just a little bit tired hearing representatives of the
>world's most powerful software company claiming to represent the 
>will of the 'web community', not that I doubt for a minute you guys
>could find a whole bunch of people to suddenly flood this list with
>support for your position. I think I remember James Salsman
>performing similar feats. Argument by attrition, I think it's 
>referred to in high school debate.

Wow, so I guess we just can't even state an argument here, since if we say
anything at all we're just in it for ourselves and don't know anything about
what the web community wants, and if tons of other people chime in agreeing
with us, it's just because we found a whole bunch of people to flood the

And you're right, I probably could do that, but I can't understand what
would make you think I _would_; I don't know who at Microsoft ticked you off
so much, Murray, but your comparison of our behavior on the various working
groups to Mr. Salsman's tactics is more than a little distressing.  I would
also expect that you would be hearing from CSS WG members, past and present,
since that set of people are the ones who know the most about how
stylesheets and STYLE attributes are actually used today.

>> If your goal is to get away from stylistic associations in 
>> (X)HTML documents, why do you even allow <STYLE> elements 
>> and <LINK>ed stylesheets?
>Conflating the two may serve your argument, but I've never stated that 
>as a goal, nor is it one. I have no problem with external or embedded 
>stylesheets, just the style attribute.

Well, then what exactly is the goal of removing the STYLE attribute, if not
to pull the association of stylistic information one step further away from

-Chris Wilson
 Internet Explorer team
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