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Re: html and dreamweaver

From: Marcelo Perrone <mclist@terra.com.br>
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 22:25:44 -0000
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To: <www-html@w3.org>
I use TextPad (www.textpad.com) to write all my HTML.  And I used to agree
100% with all of you guys who dont like dreamweaver until I was invited to
write an article about Dreamweaver 3 extensibility capabilities. Than I had
to go all over the software documentation and began to look closer to it.

One day I came to my coworkers and asked what is that they don't like about
dreamweaver and none of them could say something that couldn't be solved
with a good software preferences configuration and some playing with its
objects. And still, things like indenting and etc are ridiculously simple to

Listen, I'm not a Macromedia employee under desguise.  I dont'even like
dreamweaver that much but, I am looking for a way of enhancing productivity
without giving up quality. I am not telling anyone it is a good software, I
just want to raise a point that is in my mind since the 3rd version: is
there a really good reason for not adopting it?

It's not a dare, it's just a question: have any of you guys who dont like
dreamweaver ever had a close look at it and TRIED to make it fit your (mine
too!) quality standards?

The biggest problem I see is that, when mis-used (i dont know if it is
correct english, but you guys know what i mean) by people who don't
understand all the HTML thing,  it really can generate bad code.

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From: "Philip TAYLOR" <P.Taylor@exch1.rhbnc.ac.uk>
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> Corporate so-called wisdom!  But in all honesty, although
> I have hand-crafted HTML ever since I started in this
> game, my productivity /has/ improved since using HM PRO
> & DW, and the JavaScript of the latter is clearly the
> result of considerable research into the nuances of the
> most popular browsers...
> ** Phil.
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