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Macromedia Flash 4/Netscape <embed>

From: Adrian Skupien <a.skupien@telebel.de>
Date: 20 Apr 2000 06:18:56 +0200
Message-ID: <38FE8530.6020906@telebel.de>
To: www-html@w3.org

I know, that this has been posted already, but I cannot find
any answer to my problem referring the HTML-4.01 recommendation
and the Netscape Navigator, including Netscape 6 (Mozilla Ms14).

I cannot use Flash-Objects inside HTML-Documents properly,
because the <embed>-tag (Netscape-spec.) isn't part of the
conformity. The optional <object>-tag can only be displayed
by the IE, the NN ignores it.

My Question: How can I make the document displayed by NN showing
the Flash (and not an alternative GIF-File) with keeping the
conformity rules?

Sorry for my bad grammatical and expressional termina, but I
am german boy aged 16 and my only aim is my own company. I am
developing home pages in HTML, XML, JavaScript, php3, Perl with
db support for MySQL and applications in Delphi 3, Visual Basic 5
and recently C++, too.

adrian skupien
alles ist eine vom    home of a.skupien / hardStyle development
tod umgebene insel       www.skupien.de / www.hardstyle.de
    - Juan Montalvo      info@skupien.de / info@hardstyle.de
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