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RE: Future version of HTML!?

From: Keith Bowes <keith_bowes@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 09:47:40 -0400
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <199910240947718.SM00431@rqzmlnif>
>I think you are missing several important points about the  

Probably so.  I guess where we differ the most is in that I'm  
a programmer and you're an author.  I guess it's just hard for  
me to imaginine a web full of languages that do absolutely  

I originally posted the e-mail because I wanted feedback and I  
got it.  I just wanted to know what other people had visions  
of.  I know what the W3C plans, but I didn't forsee widespread  
adoption of these technologies anytime soon.

Well, I'm sorry about hurt feelings, elevated blood pressure,  
or anything else I may have caused.  I just hope we can all be  
friendly and discuss our ideas to truly help improve the  
condition of the Internet.

Thanks for replying everybody and I wish everybody, even  
Netscape, the best.  I think we're all basically the same  
though.  We all want to make things better, but we don't know  
how, and we hope what we're doing today will make things  
better and not worse tomorrow.

If I may have permission to speak candidly, I don't think XML  
was a good idea.  In fact, I think it's a bad one.  Also, I  
just can't imagine a toaster interpreting the Internet for  
it's use.
I'll just continue thinking in a programmer state of mind and  
you can continue thinking as a writer;  I'll continue using  
more Javascript than straight HTML on my pages, and you can  
continue producing HTML-2.0ish pages.
Besides, I'm not trying to take supremacy over the internet;   
rather, I want the people that continue to use HTML to have a  
powerful language.

I hope everybody understands my rationality and views.  Well,  
good-bye everyone and may God bless you all.

Selena:  I am considering nothing less than world domination.
Nigel:  After you left me in the lurch, I saw something that  
should worry you if you're serious about taking over the  
planet.  It was blue and red, and it knew how to fly.
-Supergirl (1984; PG; Action)
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