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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:40:35 +0900
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From: Peter Fleck <pf@pfhyper.com>
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Date: 20 Juli 1999 04:42
Subject: BIG & SMALL

in FrontPage Express example:

this type use BOLD font

<p><font size="4">bbb</font></p>
this <font size="4"> type the same as <BIG>

<p><font size="2">bbb</font></p>
this <font size="2"> type the same as <SMALL>

this <em> type use ITALIC font


Gemintang Cahaya Dewi

>[Bad subject on the last post of this message. My apologies.]
>What structural or logical meaning can be assigned to  <BIG> and  
><SMALL>?  My guess is emphasis but why wouldn't I use  <STRONG> or  <EM>? 
>Peter Fleck
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>Minneapolis, MN USA 55406
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