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Re: I can't code, but...

From: <ptorr@vantsys.com.au>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 14:51:40 +1000
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <4A2566F3.001B2B45.00@melext.vantsys.com.au>

>>A test suite sounds like a good idea, as long as it's "cheat proof." For
>    This is part of why I would want the code for the browser, as I
>mentioned several e-mails ago earlier in this thread.

But as was previously mentioned, it is very difficult (if not impossible)
to prove anything about most source code, at least in an imperitive
language like C++. I understand where you are coming from, though. You
*might* be able to see whether the authors *attempted* to implement certain
parts of CSS (in the simplest case, by searching for keywords in the source
;-) ), but you would have next to know way of knowing whether the
implementation was *correct*.

As for cheating... a while ago Sun Microsystems "cheated" one of the
popular Java benchmarks to try and beat Microsoft, but luckily they were
caught out by the benchmark vendor. Just goes to show that it *does*

Peter Torr, Applications Developer
Vantage Systems - Making Time Pay
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